It does only work interpersonal,
if we learn to be honest and how to treat other people respectfully.
This is the base of every relationship.

Reporter: How come you do have this attitude?

As you can see, years go by and then you start thinking.
I, myself, witnessed many ups and downs in life,
strokes of fate and happy moments, as many other people.
Life got its surprises for everyone of us,
and every day, there are different kinds of challenges.

Nevertheless: “ Life is beautiful” and so is our planet.
People are the ones setting borders, we can be evil and offending.

Deep inside my heart I believe we can create a better world,
for ourselves, our children and our childrenʼs children.
Worship the generations following our generation.
We eventually have to open our eyes and wake up.
Everyone of us is responsible for universe and our habitat.

All the pursuit of power and money.
What is it worth, satisfaction and luck – no, everyone who owns a lot,
always asks for more and forgets to live – yet no one can take anything to afterworld.
What does every single one of us take with us?
Every human has to die at some stage.

The question
- what are we going to leave behind when we are gone is -
even more important!

We all live on the same planet. We are one world, one nation…

How much esteem does a human have for nature,
how much respect does everyone of us have for others?
How much respect do people have for themselves?

Humans do destroy so many things and can be very cruel,
they do not only harm the others and their surrounding,
they also harm themselves. All these facts do make me very sad :(

How often do we talk about love,
love should not just be lip service.
It should rather take a place in our hearts.

Yes, I do have a vision of a better world – our world does need heroes,
and the spark of hope is the last to die, why donʼt we dare the impossible?
Exactly when we try to dare the impossible,
we will get a spark of how close we are to our target.

As JFK said: “ Some men see things as they are and say “Why?”,
I dream of things that never were and say, “Why not?”.

Borders are set by human,
but my hope and my dreams are infinite.
Thatʼs my reason for asking you,
to believe in accomplishing the impossible and in living your dreams.

Everything we can solve today, we should compound.
Our future depends on our actions today,
so does our childrenʼs future.

Our awareness and our way of thinking must and has to change.
Most of the people are narcissists, there is no “us”.
I believe in us establishing a better world,
we do not have to lose our hope.

My favourite song is sung by Michael Jackson:

“And no message could have been any clearer,
if you wanna make the world a better place…
Take a look at yourself and make a change…”

Reporter: You are a dreamer, arenʼt you?

Even Martin Luther King told us with his famous and well-known speech:
Just like him, I also do have a dream,
I wonʼt be satisfied,
until we finally managed to establish a better world…

If YOU also want to create a better world then why donʼt you begin?
… why donʼt you start with yourself?!


For a better place, Deniz Gören