Life is a daily fight, we all have to grab the weapon,
and consider the strongest and most effective one.

That is the love every single one of us carries inside.
Only with our heart we can open several other hearts.
Love is our strongest weapon.

Love is multicultural and doesnʼt know any boarders,
It joins all people on earth.
Every single race, colour of skin, culture, nation and religion.

Truly we have to fight,
but the biggest war we fight is the war everyone fights with themselves.
which we keep in our insides.

Thatʼs the reason why I can only give advice to everyone.
Try to live life with good intentions.

Due to it I do tell you:

Anyone who does injustice to a human soul,
commits injustice to the entire humanity.
But every single one who does his best and helps only one human being,
rescues the whole human race.

Do not point your finger at others, take a glance at yourself in the mirror
and you will see the truth, there is love.
If anyone tells you we live in a cruel world, just abnegate it,
because everywhere I am, there will be justice and love…
There is hope, aspiration for a better world.

by Deniz Gören