Deniz Gören
was born 8th February 1976 to turkish immigrant workers in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. Due to the difficult general living conditions for immigrants in the 70′s, Deniz’s parents had no other choice than giving him to the care of a christian children’s home.
During this formative part of his childhood, considering the rare contact to his parents, he became a sensitive, introverted and reclusive loner.

Back at his parents’ house, he matured to a young man. Caused by the environment and living conditions of his early childhood he developed his overall will to help weak people, his attitude to respect human and nature and also his thoughts of making the world a better place to live as far as possible for him.

In order to avouch others spiritually, financially and physically, his wish of extravagating and surpassing himself grew.

Being on this track, he discovered the capacious art “Wing Tsun”, martial arts which was published and introduced by Bruce Lee. It took him some years to reach the highest possible classification. He learned to use his talent to hand this physical and mental temper and self- esteem on to children, adults, invalids, people with mental disorders with the strong aim of giving them strength to face every different kind of confrontation and defeat their fears.

Therefore the shy and reticent boy emerged into a grown-up and very strong man.
The reclusive loner turned out to be a lone warrior – a warrior for a better world.

Ready to face the world, Deniz abdicated all his material property, set his own destiny into god’s hands and moved out in the world. He perambulated more than 50 countries to meet people with other cultures and different ways of living. He soon figured out that no human is born for being alone and that our earth can only be called “One Earth” if we set off mental and terrestrial boarders.

On account of a reference 7years ago, Deniz was given the opportunity of taking part at a casting for a huge german movie production. Although Deniz wasn’t aware of his acting talents at this time, he was considered first of all for the role.To gain more experience, he accepted several stand-in’s, extra- and walk- on’s and his first featured parts which backed him up to become a serious actor.

Him being athletic and having an excellent body control and composure made acting infront of and playing with the camera a convenient affair. The initial affinity changed into professional acting, that’s the reason for him becoming a serious actor who has got a deep intercommunication with the cameras.

Deniz, being a new, young energetic and talented character, is due to the screen.

Deniz Gören is a sensitive, menly Cosmopolitan who hasn’t lost his believe in every single person.
Within his limits, he took it as his life- task to make the world a better place through acting.